Local institute exam centres

For many members, examinations are seen as the key function of the CII. Tens of thousands of CII and PFS members sit exams each year in order to demonstrate their professional expertise and achieve a CII qualification.

Local institutes play a key role in enabling members to progress through their qualifications by allowing them to sit papers in a venue near to where they work or live.

Local institutes are expected to provide a suitable exam centre for two sessions each year, April and October.

The exact structure of each exam week is dependent on the exam scheduling arrangements which will be communicated to local institutes several months prior to the exams themselves by the CII Customer Service (CS) exams team.

CII members can also sit certain papers at online exam centres that are situated throughout the country. These allow candidates to sit papers at more regular intervals and reduce the administrative burden of running a fully staffed exam centre. Information on your nearest online exam centre, can be located on the CII website www.cii.co.uk/qualifications/online-exam-centres

Exam sessions other than those in April and October are normally fully co-ordinated via the CII Customer Service (CS) exams team and require no input from the local institutes.

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