Regional membership team

Running your institute is time consuming and we’re very aware that as a volunteer, your time is limited and should therefore be focused on delivering the institute’s key objectives.

The regional membership team are a central resource to provide consultation and support.

Your local institute has a dedicated Regional Membership Manager who will help you with:

CPD tools – Local CPD development / Off shelf programme / Online programme / CPD Accreditation
Support tools – Network Know-how / Campaigns / Process + Protocol / Network News
Communication tools – Web and eflyer development / PR / Magazines / Newsletters
Engagement tools – Network Conference / Local Institute National Forum / Working Parties
Local projects - Networking programmes / Proposition development.

The support team will also undertake CPD event feedback analysis, dinner surveys and e-flyer audits.

You will meet with your Regional Membership Manager at the start of the year to implement your annual development plan and again when you complete your annual assessment.

It’s important to remember that your Regional Membership Manager is a CII employee with a strategic role determined by the CIIs senior management team.

Whilst they’re able to provide you with support, they are not there to:

Attend council meetings without a specific purpose
Manage or organise your annual dinner and social events
Run the institute on your behalf.

Each Regional Membership Manager has responsibility for set number of institutes - an overview can be downloaded below.

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