Charities representative role overview

The charities’ representative role is to promote The Insurance Charities to the local market through communications and fund-raising events, and to support additional locally chosen charity activities.

Main responsibilities

  • To promote awareness of The Insurance Charities to the local membership and key organisations across the region throughout the presidential year.

  • To raise funds for The Insurance Charities at planned fund-raising events throughout the presidential year.

  • To support The Insurance Charities during Insurance Charities Awareness Week through the co-ordination and promotion of the week to the local membership and key organisations across the region.

  • To fully brief the president and council on the needs of The Insurance Charities and the work it undertakes.

  • To support additional activity to raise awareness of, and raise funds for, locally chosen charities.

  • To liaise with the local institute treasurer with regards to the banking of receipts and the transfer of funds to The Insurance Charities or operate a separate bank facility to account specifically for the charity funds.

The Insurance Charities has supported many thousands of individuals in the UK and Ireland with vital financial and practical help since 1902. Where financial means are restricted The Insurance Charities can help finance essential items such as equipment to help someone with reduced mobility, property adaptation work which cannot be funded by local or central government, the replacement of a household appliance or essential property maintenance.

The Insurance Charities can help with on-going payments where income is not sufficient or may have fallen say on redundancy or marriage breakdown and essential day-to-day living costs could become a problem. If the problem has resulted from misfortune The Insurance Charities can sometimes help even if the shortfall between income and essential expenditure will exist in more than the short term.

Some people are struggling with a health condition or life issue as well as with financial issues. They need support in accessing the practical help which is available, and which would make a significant difference to them, The Insurance Charities may be able to help in such situations.

More information can be found at or follow them on TWITTER @InsCharities

Central Support

Your Regional Membership Manager is your key contact - any support you require please get in touch and we can discuss how the team can help.

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