Diversity Officer

The role of the diversity officer must raise awareness of diversity and find solutions to any issues whilst ensuring that the local institute complies with appropriate equality and diversity legislation and requirements.

The diversity officer must also act as a facilitator in order to pass information between the CII and the local institute council.

Consequently, the diversity officer should develop a close working relationship with the CII and also with the Regional Membership Manager for the region.

Main responsibilities

The role will involve, but may not be limited to the following:

  • To ensure that diversity related issues are kept on local institute agendas and discussed within council meetings.
  • To provide feedback on CII diversity policies or diversity related policies from the local institute council to the CII.
  • To actively promote diversity within the local institute and local membership.
  • To provide guidance to local institute council members on diversity issues in conjunction with the network of CII Diversity Champions.
  • To ensure relevant checklists are completed as required for policies, processes and events that are delivered by local institutes.
  • To ensure the local institute is aware of all CII diversity initiatives, policies and practices.
  • To identify barriers to diversity and consider local solutions.
The role of diversity officer will normally be undertaken for a term of one year although the constitution of the local institute allows for a longer period.