Secretary role overview

The secretary convenes all council meetings, collates council member reports, records minutes of all council meetings and maintains a register of all attendees of meetings that the council holds. The secretary is also responsible for organising the local institute’s AGM.

Main responsibilities

  • To summon all meetings of the institute and the council and to ensure that all meetings of council and of committees are correctly called and are officially quorate.

  • To keep or cause to be kept proper minutes or reports of all meetings of the institute and the council, convene all meetings.

  • To ensure that the local institute conducts its affairs in compliance with its constitution.

  • To ensure that the local institute’s constitution conforms to the CII’s Charter and Bye-laws, that it is kept up to date and to report to council on any non-conformity with the constitution, and to ensure that all local institute affairs are conducted in accordance with the latest adopted version of the institute’s constitution. Consequently, it is essential that the secretary, who is responsible for its safekeeping and relevance, has a working knowledge of the constitution.

  • To organise the local institute’s AGM and supervise the election of members of council.

  • To issue the notice convening the AGM at least 21 days before it takes place in conjunction with the communication officer. The notice must be given to all members and in accordance with the terms of Bye-law 1, this notice may be given by circular or advertisement or CMS eflyer.
  • To ensure that annual returns required by the CII are correctly compiled and submitted on time via the annual returns section of Network Know-How. Please note the secretary must submit the form of all elected officers to the CII within seven days of the institute’s AGM taking place. This should also be uploaded via the Network Know-How annual returns section.

  • To archive the records of the local institute and be responsible for their safekeeping as well as the safekeeping of any institute regalia (unless passed to the president – e.g. the badge of office), trophies and other documents.

  • To attend meetings of any sub-committees as may be required.

The role of secretary will normally be undertaken for a term of one year although the constitution of the local institute allows for a longer period.

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