Introducing the CII’s new Strategic Plan

The Chartered Insurance Institute (Institute) is publishing its new, 5-year Strategic Plan (Plan) today. We are providing you with a copy of the plan and video introduction recognising you may benefit from the opportunity to read it before the wider membership and media. I would kindly ask that you do not forward this document, such that we can appropriately manage its distribution.

The Plan contains six strategic themes that place a renewed emphasis on professional standards and the value of CII and PFS membership supported by world-class learning and qualifications. It supports the group of companies that make up the Institute, including its two professional membership bodies, the CII and PFS, and their unique member proposition that encompasses ‘Credibility, Community and Career’. We’ve listened carefully to the feedback we’ve received, and from the ‘Shaping the Future Together’ consultation exercise conducted in 2021, and we believe this Plan reflects the needs, hopes and expectations of members and corporate customers.

The Plan is organised into two distinct phases. The first year of the Plan – 2023 – focuses on addressing legacy systems issues, returning the CII to a surplus position after the pandemic and building strong foundations for the future. Examples of the actions being taken by the Institute this year include:

  • Establishing a new arrangement with the 55 Local Insurance Institutes across the UK to refresh our relationship with our volunteer networks, creating vibrant local, regional and national connections amongst our member communities.
  • Undertaking a major review of the role professional standards plays in the context of Chartered status for individuals and corporate members.
  • Better promoting the rich data we already collect in respect of the public perceptions of trust in our professions and the value of Chartered status.
  • Engaging with stakeholders to develop a new, simpler qualifications pathway, with the Professional Map at its heart.
  • Resolving legacy IT issues.

The subsequent phase, from 2024-2027, will see the Institute develop products and services intended to provide an excellent member experience for every individual member and corporate customer around the world, as well as stimulating interest among others to join the insurance, financial planning and mortgage advice professions. Actions the Institute will take include:

  • Simplifying recognition of prior learning and introducing digitally badged CPD.
  • Evolving our digital shop to provide personalised recommendations for courses, support materials and other information.
  • Implementing a new virtual member engagement platform to support our international community.
  • Expanding our physical presence beyond our two current staffed offices in Dubai and Hong Kong where there is a case to do so.
  • Trialling a competition for Key Stage 5 or university students to engage students and spread interest in joining our professions.

Further, we recognise the desire for the PFS to be more autonomous within the wider Institute group, so we will refresh and renew our governance and identity to ensure both the CII and PFS can flourish as professional membership bodies.

If you have any questions please contact your Regional Membership Manager.