Update on the CIIs Professional Experience Pilot

Membership via Professional Experience is a proposed route to joining the Chartered Insurance Institute for those experienced professionals operating at a strategic level seeking an alternative to taking CII qualifications. This membership route provides direct entry to Fellowship of the CII.

The CII launched a pilot earlier this year.

Applicants are starting to submit their applications and book their discussions. Four applicants have dropped out of the pilot, alluding to a change in personal circumstances which don’t permit them to progress their application at this point in time. This leaves 13 participants in the pilot:

  1. 5 out of 8 Fellowship applicants
  2. 8 out of 9 Chartered applicants

Professional and Technical Discussions will take place during October and November.

The post pilot review will commence in December, to evaluate to establish the robustness, effectiveness and validity of the approach, as set out in the pilot objectives. The high-level elements of the review will include:

  1. Gathering feedback from participants
  2. Evaluating the outcomes
  3. Identifying risks and lessons learned
  4. Recommendations for operationalisation, risk mitigation and implementation plan
  5. Stakeholder engagement
  6. Presentation to the Board

A proposals paper will be presented to the Board towards the end of January 2024.