Developing good communications

Keeping in touch with your members through regular communications helps with engagement and ensures members are aware of all your latest news, activities and future developments.

By keeping members engaged you will gain more interest for events and activities whilst encouraging people to become more actively involved.

Make sure you regularly discuss your communications at council meetings to ensure they remain fit for purpose; actively reviewing any member feedback you might receive.

An overview of a Communications Officer's typical responsibilities can be viewed here.

All CPD event promotion should include details of the event's date, time and location, as well as a brief overview, learning objectives and a speaker biography.

Timing of your communication can be critical - the more notice members are given, the greater chance of success, so if its an event send out approximately one month before, with a follow up.

Make sure you space your communications out to avoid overburdening your audience which could result in a member opting-out of your e-communications.

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