Key local employers

To ensure your local institute and council are at the forefront of the local market, its important to forge relationships with the key corporate organisations that operate within your region.

Positive relationships with the local market will ensure that your institute can benefit in a number of ways; from attracting new members on to council through to utilising local contacts as a source of technical event planning. Furthermore it opens your local institute proposition up to a wider audience, including non-members.

One of the easiest ways to identify the key organisations within your region is to analyse your monthly membership data which gives an overview of your member’s place of work.

Your Membership Secretary will have access to this data which can be accessed via the My LI tab.

When you have identified any key companies in your region you can then seek out the main contacts or individuals you will want to contact in order to develop a positive relationship. This may require researching online, phoning up the organisations in question or through networking. Remember to utilise your council members to do this – they may already have a relationships with the organisations in question.

Once you have engaged with key local organisations hopefully this should lead to the basis of a long term, mutually beneficial relationship, which can prove beneficial for the future succession planning of your local institute council.

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