Promoting the profession

As a professional body we are at the forefront of promoting careers in insurance and financial services, to ensure we attract, retain and develop the best talent the UK has to offer.

Promoting our profession within schools, colleges and universities locally has never been easier, thanks to the Discover Risk and Discover Fortunes interactive board games.

Discover Risk relates to insurance whilst Discover Fortunes to financial planning.

Each event involves 20-35 students, takes approximately 90 minutes to run and splits students into teams to work through a number of scenarios.

Both games are designed to increase students' employability skills such as team working, communication and problem-solving. Equally, they create opportunities for local employers to build links with their future talent.

Local institute council members can play an important part by helping run these sessions and supplying practitioners for local events.

For more information about running one of these events speak to your Regional Membership Manager or email

The CII can also help supply a powerpoint presentation, banner stand and supporting materials for those wishing to attend a career fair or present at a local school, college or university.

In addition, local institutes could help engage with key organisations to provide work experience and/or taster opportunities for those students who are particularly interested in gaining experience.

The CII has produced a parents’ guide to apprenticeships which explains to parents and teachers the changing face of apprenticeships generally, not just sector apprenticeships. This is a popular piece of marketing which gives us a platform to talk to parents and students about this programme.

The guide is also a popular giveaway at careers fairs. We have also recorded interviews with apprentices and their parents which you can be downloaded below. To support this activity and to request copies of the guide email

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