11 Nov 2019

Annual Dinners: Message from Grant Scott, Vice President Local Institutes

With the Annual Dinner season underway, Grant has been asked on many an occasion, about dinner etiquette,

05 Nov 2019

Ordinary grants 2020

The ordinary grant funding model seeks to share the available funds equitably.

05 Nov 2019

Making inclusion a reality

Diversity & Inclusion forms part of the CII’s key strategic objectives.

05 Nov 2019

Save the date – NC2020

Following on from the successful conference held in York, next year's Network Conference date has been confirmed.

05 Nov 2019

Development plans 2020/21

The local institute network develops individual annual development plans.

04 Nov 2019

Professional Focus 2020 - dates now confirmed

Following on from the success of the CIIs Professional Focus conferences this year, we have now set dates for the 2020 round of the conferences.

08 Oct 2019

Past president badges

We are currently taking Past President badge orders – if you require badges then please advise Lisa Powell.

08 Oct 2019

Exam stats for local institutes

As per previous years we are happy to provide an overview of exam sittings for each local institute.

08 Oct 2019

Local institute assessments 2018/19

Thank you to all institutes for taking time to meet with each of us to collate your annual assessment for 2018/19.

08 Oct 2019

Forthcoming Local Institute Regional Forum

As you are aware the CII’s Representative Council was disbanded last year after consultation with the local institute network.

08 Oct 2019

CII develops data breach guide for Local Institutes

The CII have recently developed a data breach notification guide for the local institute network.

10 Sep 2019

Diversity – remember your events check list

Diversity & Inclusion forms part of the CII’s key strategic objectives and is at the heart of all that the CII does.

10 Sep 2019

Introducing CONNECT - your NEW e-mentoring programme

Connect is a new member benefit which enables members to become mentors and mentees from anywhere in the world.

10 Sep 2019

CPD database – book speakers for your programme today

Booking speakers for your CPD programme has never been easier.

10 Sep 2019

Who are the Local institute operations group (LIOG)?

The Local Institute Operations Group (LIOG), made up of local institute volunteers, is chaired by Clair Brand (CII, Vice President).

10 Sep 2019

Talk 2 10K: How YOU can help improve financial wellbeing in society

Insuring Women’s Futures is launching a campaign as part of the Money and Pension Service Talk Money week.

02 Aug 2019

Local institute special grant application 2020

In addition to the ordinary grant awarded each year, local institutes may also apply for a secondary grant, a special grant.

10 Jul 2019

Autumn Professional Focus Conferences

We are happy to announce the dates of our next round of Professional Focus events that will be commencing in October 2019.

10 Jul 2019

National Forum – first meeting takes place in York

The first Local Institute National Forum (LINF) meeting was held in York on Tuesday 24th June.