16 Jun 2021

Celebrate Pride 2021

Each year during the month of June the LGBT+ community celebrates Pride.

08 Jun 2021

Insurance Charities Awareness Week 2021 – Two weeks to go!

The Insurance Charities annual awareness-raising campaign on 21-25 June aims to boost its profile among the insurance community and ensure that no-one in need of help misses out.

03 Jun 2021

Supporting the Commonwealth’s development priorities

The Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council (CWEIC) in partnership with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) will be hosting a thought provoking webinar.

02 Jun 2021

CII Annual Report 2020

Ahead of the CIIs AGM please feel free to download the CII’s annual report for 2020.

10 May 2021

LI Mailbox Termination Request - PLEASE DELETE

A number of institutes have reported receiving an e-mail from OUTLOOK entitled 'Mailbox Termination Request'.

29 Apr 2021

In response to an article on New Model Adviser/Citywire

In response to an article on New Model Adviser/Citywire this week which carries the headline: CII Plot to deregister the PFS.

27 Apr 2021

Shaping the future of insurance: Innovating solutions for emerging risks

Shaping the future of insurance: Innovating solutions for emerging risks is a new event which shines a light on some of the biggest emerging risks the profession faces today.

27 Apr 2021

CII President regional webinars

CII President and CEO of AON, Julie Page, is hosting a series of webinars across local institute regions during April and May on the topic of ‘Meeting unmet needs - Ensuring the future relevance of our profession’.

27 Apr 2021

New Eflyer System

Work is ongoing to provide a new eflyer system which is integrated with local institute websites. Using pre-designed templates, the new eflyer system will automatically insert the details from your chosen event into a branded email.

09 Apr 2021

Digital membership cards

The CII are excited to introduce digital membership cards as a benefit of membership!

08 Apr 2021

Opportunity to join the CII Board and Chair the CII’s Nominations and Remuneration Committee

The CII is inviting applications to join the Board’s Nominations and Remuneration Committee ("NRC") from September 2021 in the role of Committee Chair.

08 Apr 2021

Dates for your diary: Professional Focus Spring Conference / CII President regional engagement events

The CII’s member engagement team will be rolling out a number of online member events across April and May.

26 Feb 2021

CII Examinations update: February 2021

As previously advised, in 2021 exams will no longer be held just over a three-day period in April and October, instead they will be spread throughout the year. This update covers the period to mid-February 2021 and provides information for local institutes to support local candidates.

26 Feb 2021

"A crisis is a terrible thing to waste"

How can human responses to crisis situations inform effective membership engagement strategies? Matthew Hall, CII Strategy & Operations Manager for Insurance Societies & Networks, explores how people respond to pressure, and what membership organisations can learn from that.

26 Feb 2021

Withdrawal of J03 and AF2 – final sitting arrangements

The CII regularly reviews the range of qualifications and learning that it provides. Following a review, it has been decided that the level of interest in units J03 (The tax and legal aspects of business) and AF2 (Business financial planning) indicates that they are no longer a core part of the Diploma and Advanced Diploma journey for most learners. Therefore, the units will be withdrawn from the qualification framework.

08 Feb 2021

Urgent Help Requested: Computers For Schools

The CII along with the wider insurance market is supporting Computers for Schools.

29 Jan 2021

Introducing digital membership certificates

During 2020 the Chartered Insurance Institute undertook a project to introduce digital qualification and membership certificates. Member feedback helped shape the process and we have also refreshed the look and feel of all individual membership certificates (from Certificate and Diploma through Advanced Diploma to Fellowship and Chartered).

29 Jan 2021

Local institute funding proposal – 2021

After four years of consistent growth, 2020’s challenging business environment has resulted in a reduction in revenue across the CII Group.

13 Jan 2021

CII Exams 2021 update

An exams update providing an overview of how the CII plan to deliver their exams in 2021 so you can help and support your local candidates.

08 Jan 2021

Modernising the Local Institute Model Constitution

In response to feedback from several local institutes, the regional membership team have been working with the CII’s governance department to update the local institute model constitution.